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Bouldering Discussion / Re: family place for bouldering Dublin???
« on: October 21, 2012, 10:03:53 PM »
many thanks, Dave

i'll go to Glendalough  ;)

Bouldering Discussion / Re: family place for bouldering Dublin???
« on: October 21, 2012, 09:56:01 AM »
is  Portrane tidal???
and to be honest, i prefer different landscape than seaside..., i have seaside for everyday  :-\
what about some place in Wicklow - for me Wicklow is around Dublin   ;D

Bouldering Discussion / family place for bouldering Dublin???
« on: October 20, 2012, 08:56:33 AM »

is any nice family bouldering place around Dublin - i'm sure there is/are :)
i know Three Rock, so i'm looking something similar(boulders and flat grassy terrain), but maybe not on the top of the mountain - to windy/cold at this time of the year...

many thanks for any suggestion.


One of the things that's being checked at the moment is to see if the place has a designation like a Special Protection Area or a Natural Heritage Area etc.

as i know Inis Mor is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC)

and i know that few years ago was a idea to do a Special Protection Areas (SPA) on inis mor and i was sure that this was ONLY idea becouse i didnt hear anything else about that... but i found this today: what thats mean... is inis mor a SPA??? if is what with climbing???


If they keep holding that event there every year the place won't be long getting wrecked ... disgraceful !!
every year they use different places for that events, so no worry about that...

[Dave - the restrictions on the image attachments are a bit severe - maximum total size 192KB, maximum individual size 128KB. I'll email you the settings I have]
so the pics are too big...

Hope that Red Bull sort this out. Fair play aranman for taking the trouble.
i dont think that red bull will do anything else (more cleaning) on that place...

i took some photos, so you can see how it looks like:

the white "stones" is a cement (this is the top of the cliff - the place with diving board)

paint marks

drill holes



edit: what is wrong with the photo links???

i checked Poll na Peist and is OK - no damaged to any bouldering, but away from "leave no trace" :) and i found some leftovers like drill holes, bolts, nails, some paint marks and something that looks like a cement/concrete (probably used to stabilize diving board)... For myself thats too much leftovers (because i really like this place) but generally is OK :)

And thanks to Red Bull this place is much more popular (i was there after 8 pm and i met 7 tourists - never happend before) and unfortunately like everywhere: more tourists = more rubbish :(


It seems that the steps in the foreground goes down the easy corner that is the descent to the bouldering on the walls below.
yes, you right;
and i will go there after all to see what is left ;D

the Poll na bPeist looks like a bit industrial now ...

i hope, that they dont do a lot of damage to the rocks...

but  Poll na bPeist is not the only place for bouldering on inis mor :)


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