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Bouldering Discussion / A Guide as an App
« on: May 30, 2012, 04:19:48 PM »
Didn't want the other thread to digress but I'm curious as to how people might see an app being used as a guide in the future. I think there'll definitely be a market, its the logical step if guides start moving even in part to handheld devices.

It'll keep a ticklist for you.
Direct you around circuits like a GPS, where necessary invents its own based on a grade range,  climbing preferences etc.
Links to videos of problem being done, allows you to upload same.
Shows grades according to consensus ( style) and change accordingly with more traffic, hold breakages, increased polish etc. Link you directly to discussions/faqs about specific problems, is this hold in etc. Basically wiki-bouldering.
Recommend problems to you based on problems you've done/liked.
Allow searches of problem types that suit you, aretes, slopers etc
Recommend specific venues based on the upcoming weather.

This is a vision of the future. (This vision assumes blanket 3G coverage)

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