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I think a FA is a pretty special thing especially if it involves a lot of work to clean/find the problem (Personally I don't have time to go out looking for lines every weekend but the few FA's I have done do stick in the mind more than other problems). That being said I believe that a period of respect can only extend for so long, maybe a season at most. 4 years is way too long. I don't think there is a culture of closed projects in Ireland, this is the first one I have heard of. Quite often we hear of and are shown projects that people are working on, there is never any reference to the project being off limits, most people will show you where the line is and walk you through the moves should you want to try it.

I was out on Rebel Wall today and it is a king line, one of the best in Wicklow, it's a pity that it has been off limits for so long. Problems like this one really get climbers out into areas that don't see that much traffic and get people developing lots of new problems that would otherwise go unclimbed.

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